Wyoming stole my heart

My solo trip to the west has come to an end and I’m heartbroken! If I knew Wyoming and I would be a match made in heaven, I would have gone sooner. But, alas, I shall not waste any more time with regrets. 

The mountain air will heal you from the
inside out.

It’s impossible to explain the beauty of Wyoming; it’s something you have to see for yourself. The moment I entered the state, I was in awe. Driving through the small town of Buffalo, the Bighorn National Forest, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, The Grand Tetons…oh, the Tetons. Brought tears to my eyes. 

Ok, I’ll focus on the Tetons in this post because, after four months in WY, I have too many pictures to sum it all up in one post. 

My friend and I waited until our last weekend in Wyoming to drive to Jackson. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t go at least once. It was a little less than a three hour drive from from the east entrance of Yellowstone, which you’ll drive through to get to Jackson and the Tetons. If you don’t have an annual pass, which I think is 80$ and covers all National Parks for the year, you’ll have to pay a fee to get into Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Day passes are around 35$ each. I think. 

The picture below is the first sighting of the Grand Tetons. I lucked out with this picture as the weather was perfect. You know when you hear something is beautiful and worth seeing? Worth seeing doesn’t even come close.

Jackson Hole

Jackson is the town, Jackson Hole is the valley. Thank you, Google!

I don’t have pics of the actual town of Jackson but it is adorable. It seemed too cramped at first but walking around felt homey. Cute shops, adorable coffee shops, and friendly people, all in a town tucked in the middle of mountains. I may not be able to afford a home there OR the shopping, but I’ll be back to visit for sure! Especially for one of the Grand Teton Mexican lagers at the Cowboy Bar. Yee Haw!! The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a must-see. It’s very popular for good reason. You get to sit on saddles at the bar. LOL. They may not be comfortable for an entire meal but they sure are fun for a couple drinks.  

Coffee and donuts!!!!! 

I love local coffee shops. We chose Snake River Coffee, which I judged as pretentious at first. Actually, the word I used was ‘uppity.’ ha! Judge much, Susie??? Yes, the food is pricey but it’s high quality and all I wanted was coffee and a donut, anyway. We shared one so I didn’t feel guilty. lol.

Arch of antlers!!!!

You can’t help but notice the elk antler arches in the town square. They’re pretty cool!!!! The arches are each made from real elk antlers. Elk naturally shed their antlers each year so no animals are harmed in this process. haha. The antlers are collected and then used for arches and such. Get that selfie, ya’ll!

Jenny Lake 

We also visited Jenny Lake, which is in Grand Teton National Park. This was one of my favorite things on our day trip. It’s so beautiful! And peaceful and the clearest water ever. 

Can you tell I loved Jenny Lake? I was pretending I’m a professional photographer. ha!! I wish! The lake is off the beaten path by only a few minutes so you’ll have to look at a map. There’s parking and it’s easy to get to. There’s also a restroom nearby and a shop for snacks if you get hungry. 

I’m going to add to this post as I go and will post more about other spots in Wyoming. There was a lot to do and see all summer so I have to post in segments. 

Thanks for reading and for checking out my blog. 🙂

Happy travels, friends. 


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