Have you let ‘it’s too late’ stop you way too many times? Enough already.

There is one thing we can all count on…death. We all know we will expire, yet we continue to somehow not really believe it. Are we really in denial or are we just scared? I don’t know. For me, I think about it a lot. Too much, actually. But, I still manage to get in my own way when it comes to pursing my dreams. Why?

Fear. Fear I’m not good enough. Fear I’ll fail…again. Fear of looking stupid. Fear of judgement. I’m so tired of it.

So what does one do when they get tired of their own BS?? They change. They start with one thing. Whether it’s changing your mindset or your diet, or taking one step out the door and then one more. Baby steps, like Bob in What About Bob. I love that movie.

This is the simplest thing I feel anyone can do…take one step. And then take another. And maybe wiggle your hips a little while you take that step. Dancing is the BEST therapy. It’s impossible to stay in a blah mood when you’re dancing. Try it.


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