Almond flour cookies-two ways! Easy

Watch the video! It’s fast.  Susie

Single girl’s kitchen: part 1…getting healthy alone

Single girl’s kitchen: part 1…getting healthy alone

Single does not have to suck, sista.

Chocolate covered banana slices!

Chocolate covered banana slices!

  When I have a sweet tooth, I often turn to dark chocolate. It’s my way of satisfying that craving without eating a bunch of sugar. I choose between 85 and 88 percent dark chocolate. It’s low sugar and doesn’t keep me up at night.…

Super easy asparagus soup

    Hey, hey! Asparagus. Makes your pee smell, makes you feel swell! Yes, I just made that up. I won’t quit my day job. Seriously, you can click the picture above to watch how fast I made this. SOUPer fast! Steam a bunch of…

Cookies!!!!! Healthy, low-sugar, two ingredients.

OMG.  Adjust the ingredients according to your taste and texture preferences. One c. oats Two bananas Mash all together and roll into balls then bake at 350. Top with a drizzle of chocolate. DElish. Susie  

Almond flour zucchini fritters w/ yogurt sauce

  Ok, these are so delicious! Zucchini – grated and drained. (one made 2 larger fritters) Cheese- I used Parmesan and goat cheese. (Use whatever cheese you prefer.) Almond flour- 1-2 T. (You’ll know, depending on how much zucchini you use. Can use any flour…

Homemade almond butter – no Vitamix required!

Everywhere I look, it’s Vitamix this, Vitamix that! What about those who don’t have a super duper expensive blender. Now, I admit, I used a 30$ blender for a long time until it broke. Now I use a Ninja and it’s awesome. Do you need…

Eggplant dip! Soooooo good.

AUBERGINE!!!! AKA…EGGPLANT ROASTED EGGPLANT DIP WITH CRISPY GARLIC! Roast the eggplant at 400 degrees until soft and wrinkly. Let cool, then remove skin and cut into pieces small enough to blend. Add to blender: Eggplant, raw garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, olive oil, and smoked paprika.…

3-course Italian meal. Mangia!

IMPRESS THEM WITH THIS 3-COURSE MEAL! (Single? Eat for two…I did. #dontjudgeme)   FIRST COURSE:  CAPRESE. Oh, man, is this easy. Sure to impress! Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, drizzle evoo, and balsamic glaze. What? A salad for all occasions.   SECOND COURSE:  ANGEL HAIR WITH PESTO!…

Beet salad!

Beet salad!

  This couldn’t be simpler… Butter lettuce, cooked beets, fresh goat cheese, olive oil, pasture-raised egg. Top with s and p. So good! Try it. xoxo, Susie