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The time I worked on a dude ranch
I repeated to myself ‘No, Susie, that’s crazy. You’re too old, it’s too far,...
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staff silhouette elkhorn
Think you're too old for seasonal work?
Look, I get it. You’re ready to go, you’re excited for a fresh start, a new adventure, a...
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wyoming wapiti one horse
Wyoming stole my heart
My solo trip to the west has come to an end and I’m heartbroken! If I knew Wyoming and I would be a match...
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Take the first step...it's not that scary
You’re ready to start fresh. You’re eager to live your happy life. But, you’re scared....
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Regret it then forget it
Hey, friends. Let me tell you about that time I quit the Army. And, stick with me cuz I promise I have...
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Have you let 'it's too late' stop you way too many times? Enough already.
There is one thing we can all count on…death. We all know we will expire, yet we continue to somehow...
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