Think you’re too old for seasonal work?

Look, I get it. You’re ready to go, you’re excited for a fresh start, a new adventure, a break from the ordinary. But then you hesitate, thinking ‘this is silly. A summer job in the mountains? A winter job on a ski resort? A few months near the ocean? No. That’s what young people do, not me.”

I understand why you’d hesitate.

I had talked myself out of the adventure that is seasonal work for years. Mostly because I was worried my friends and family would think I’m crazy (they do but that started decades ago, haha) but also because I thought no one would hire me because of my age. Boy, was I wrong!

Why didn’t I do it sooner???!!!!

Dang it, I wish I would’ve done it sooner. Ugh, I digress. The past is the past.

Listen, I don’t know your age, but I do not care for the word old. Maybe because I’ve been trying to convince myself age doesn’t matter. ha! Of course it matters, let’s be real. I’m too old for the military (which sucks because I quit the military at age 23 and it’s one of my biggest regrets.) I’m too old to have another baby, even if I did still have my uterus. And, I’m definitely too old to wear miniskirts because I’d look like a big idiot. lol. But, seasonal work?

As long as you’re fit to do the job, age does not matter.

This past summer, I worked as a breakfast cook. A solo breakfast cook. For 35-52 people. That’s a lot of pressure. And, although I had some kitchen experience, never had I cooked solo for a group before. In at 5:45 Monday through Saturday, breakfast served by 8. (I had servers to help.) I then cooked lunch with the dinner chef, and was done by 2. I loved it and it was easier than I thought it would be.

My age was an asset.

If you read about my experience on a dude ranch, you know I was the eldest employee by 20 – 30 years.

Keep in mind, the sleeping quarters will probably be your main concern.

I had my own cabin, thankfully. I don’t think I would’ve taken the job otherwise. I was up before anyone and the young kids go to bed later than I. So, not having to share was a huge plus for me. Most job posts will clarify the sleeping arrangements. Ok, back to age.

Not once did I feel ‘too old.’

I want you to put the old thing away for a minute. Well, forever if you can. Let’s focus on something else. Why do you want to work a seasonal job? Is there an area of the world you’ve been wanting to see? Did you lose your job and you need to recoup your savings? Are you bored with life? Lost? Depressed? Or, like me, you need a new start and being in nature was the first step.

Once you put the non-issue of age away, you can focus on what really matters…the why.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Be realistic about your abilities but know you can do way more than you think you can.

Read Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

We all want more meaning in our lives. So, what’s your why?

Now that you have your why, how will you make it happen?

When I made the decision to take the leap into my first seasonal job, I didn’t tell anyone…not my friends, my family, or my kids. I didn’t need or want anyone’s opinions to deter me nor did I want to seek permission, which had been a debilitating mindset I had lived with for decades.

I went for it.

I knew about CoolWorks from my search years ago. So that’s where I started; I trusted the site. CoolWorks has been around since 1995. Founded by Bill Berg, who worked a summer job in Yellowstone, fell in love with it, and boom…has inspired others to take the leap as well. Their website is easy to navigate, and they even have an ‘older and bolder’ section.

Are you older and bolder?

I think around 30% of coolworks workers are over 50. Don’t quote me on that but it’s somewhere around there. It’s more than you may think. Either way, age doesn’t matter, right? Check out coolworks; it’s free and LOTS of opportunities available.

I hope I’ve convinced you that you’re not too old, whatever old is. Sure, I may have been the oldest one on the ranch, aside from the owners, but that was NOT an issue at all.

Thanks for reading. I’ll expand as I go.

Here’s to staying young, friends!!


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