Hey, I’m Susie, and it’s time to get real. 


I’m a 53 year-old single woman who is obsessed with real food and real conversation. I have two grown kids (the loves of my life), love Willie Nelson, and recently have had to resort to decaf coffee. ( it’s been a month and I don’t miss the caffeine addiction. So, yay!)


I started this blog as an outlet: It helps my brain to type out my thoughts. I also started this blog to inspire others to get real with themselves and that change is possible. It’s in the getting real when we can see our own bs, and then start to change and get rid of the bs. 


In April, I will begin graduate school to become a licensed therapist in clinical mental health. This is something I’ve wanted for decades but I was in my own way for so long that I never took the leap…until now.  And, fun fact, my eigth grade yearbook states ‘Therapist’ as my future aspiration. ha. If only I hadn’t waited so long! 


How I figured it out what I wanted.

I got quiet. Last summer, I made the decision to go away for awhile to be in nature where I could think and breathe better. I packed up and headed west. While spending four months on a dude ranch in Wyoming, I was free of distractions and was able to take the time to get real with myself. What do I want? What am I waiting for? Ya’ know…self-reflection that was much needed. It was there where I dug deep within myself and discovered that I am overcomplicating my life and I have been for decades. I knew what I wanted, I had just been too scared to go after it. So, once I got back home to Illinois, I applied to graduate school and got accepted. I am SO excited. I never thought, at age 53, I’d be starting school again. It’s never too late, friends. 


I started this blog to share with others that change is possible. Thanks for stopping by. I’m new to this blogging thing so bear with me. 

xoxo, Susie (or you can call me Suz)

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