Quitting the Standard American Diet was the best thing I've ever done.

It all started when my mom got sick with terminal cancer in 2003. Through my research about cancer, I fell in a rabbit hole. That led me to LOTS of books, and low and behold, I discovered the power of food. She died in 2006 and then when I was diagnosed in 2007, I dug deeper into my research and have been eating ‘clean’ ever since. 

In the beginning, I restriced myself; no fruit, no meat, mostly veggies; it didn’t work for me so I stopped the insanity and started to eat a variety of foods. I even started eating bananas. (insert gasp) That’s right, bananas! Turns out the sugar in fruit won’t kill me after all. haha. 

This is me NOT being perfect.

And I’m ok with that because 95% of the time I eat a healthy, balanced diet. When you cut out the majority of the processed junk and start adding in the good stuff, you just enjoy life, you enjoy food, and you enjoy a sugary delicious scoop of chocolate ice cream once in awhile.


It’s called living. And it’s a good life once you let go and stop being hard on yourself. 

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