Welcome to my blog!

I need a self-help book on how to cure my self-help addiction. I’m being serious, somebody help me!!!!!


Hey, I’m Susie, the self-help junkie. I was inspired to start this blog after spending four months on a dude ranch in Wyoming. It was there where I dug deep inside my tiny little brain and discovered that I am overcomplicating my life and I have been for decades. 


I needed to start fresh and Wyoming was a random idea that ended up being one of the best things I’ve ever done. By taking the time to get quiet and self-reflect, I was able to get real about what I want, who I want to be, and what kind of life I want to live. By removing myself from chaos and isolation and toxic relationships, and being brave enough to stop letting others opinions guide me, I was able to see what was stopping me all these years from being happy…


ME. I was stopping me. 


I’m aware most people can’t or won’t take off on a four-month trip to the middle of nowhere. I get it. But taking even one short solo road trip or anything you can do to put yourself in a space where you are free to breathe, get quiet, and focus on YOU can work wonders. 

I suggest a solo road trip because it forces you to rely on no one but yourself. I feel this is important for women, especially. By getting to know yourself and becoming aware of who you are improves confidence, which, in turn, improves decision making, relationships, and overall quality of life. 


I started this blog to share with others that change is possible. Thanks for stopping by. I’m new to this blogging thing so bear with me. 

xoxo, Susie (or you can call me Suz), 

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