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My story



In 2003, my mom was diagnosed with a grapefruit-sized tumor; a tumor that started in her cervix and grew so large, it had time to send an army of little tumors to the rest of her body.

She was given two choices: chemotherapy or die within a few days.

Between her drips of chemo and positive attitude, I was pulling a Shirley MacLaine Terms of Endearment freak out. How can I help? What can I do? Is it my fault? PLEASE DON’T LET HER DIE!!!!!

I needed answers. Sure, my grandma died from cancer, but I was 15 and hit the 18-and-under club to drown my sorrows. This time…I needed education.

Thank you, internet, thank you, library. The rabbit hole was prit-tee dark. And scary. An overload of information. I just wanted to save my mom. Why can’t someone just tell me how to save my mom?

I was angry, confused, sometimes hopeful, and very very sad.


Damn, it’s 2020 and still hard to talk about. When the f*** will that go away? That image, that moment of death on her bedroom floor…

PTSD, anyone? It’s a thing. Death sucks. Cancer sucks. Watching your best friend wither away and die right in front of you SUCKS SO BAD.

Ok, flipping hair back, pity party over.


Or, as I like to say…”the cansuh.” Coffee talk accent. It was the same killer my mom had, only mine was caught at like pea size; a little baby killer who hadn’t had time to form an army yet.

Surgery got that f****er. Cancer-free thirteen years now. Roberta, get me one a those fancy cawfees, let’s celebrate!


I just summed up seventeen years into half a page. Seventeen years!!!! Why? Because my point is simple. (I‘ll cry in a corner later, on my own time.) Wait…




K, I’m back. What’s my point?

What we eat has the biggest impact on our health.

Now, I could go into the subject of chemo and conspiracy theories, and blah blah blah. No thanks. That won’t do you or me any good. I focus on food. Food is life, food is my medicine, food is my prevention. I have NO idea what will kill me when it’s my time. Nor do you. But, I do know I will use nature as my leader.

Let me interject here.

Life requires balance. Our minds, our bodies, having a purpose, and who we surround ourselves with are all important for a good life.

Okinawa, Japan, for instance, is one of the original Blue Zones — areas of the world with the longest living people. The green tea, the fish, the seaweed…all good. But, they’re also active, they have purpose, and they form a community with others who share common interests, called a ‘moai.’ The friends stick together forever. Awesome, right?

But, listen.

Regardless of your ‘coffee talk clique’… if you’re eating junk food all day, guess what?…Chances are you won’t be around long enough to see that moai, or your grandkids, or that view from the mountain you swore you’d climb once you check the first 99 things off your bucket list.

I digress. Hey, that hypothetical bus could kill us tomorrow, right? *eye roll*


Me eating ‘rabbit food’ increases my chances of a long, healthy life. We know cancer sucks. So does diabetes, and high blood pressure, and having no energy to climb that damn mountain.

You know what sucks even more? Like the worst, most suckety suck of all??

The thought of my kids having to…(hmm, how do I put this delicately)…help me go to the bathroom because I’m so drugged out from morphine due to the army inside of me that’s killing me slowly. It’s not just the moment of death – it’s the months, the days, the cancer-ridden moments leading up to death that I’m trying to avoid so my kids never have to see that.

Believe me, I know!…regardless of the preventative measures, sometimes those little f***ers, aka tumors,  will creep in and get us. But, so help me JEEZUS, I’ll do what I can to increase my chances of that NOT happening again.

And, one more point: nobody is perfect. I, for one, am not doing my best: I drink too much wine, I don’t exercise enough, my sleeping patterns suck…we all have demons to battle.


It’s my armor.

So here I am…passing the inspiration to you, and then you help your people, and we all help the farmers, and the planet…bada boom, bada bing.

The ripple effect is powerful.

Got it? Good. Go buy some veggies.

Moving on.


Don’t worry…I’ll keep it short. Nobody likes a my kids are holier than thou, please look at ALL the pictures type of parent.

My kids. I just stated how important they are to me. They’re good people. And, beautiful. What I’d give for that olive skin! ha.

Navy veteran who’s a computer whiz and smarter than he lets on, Marine who proves women can do anything, both respectful towards humans and animals. These are my people and they’re making a difference in the world.


Who I am and what I stand for:

1. I’m 49.

2. I’m single.

3. No, there’s nothing wrong with me.

4. That was a lie.

5. I’m crazy. Not shave-my-head Brittany crazy. (Still love her, though.) More like hey, I want to go to the moon crazy. (No thanks, by the way.)  You get the point. I’m a dreamer. I want to make an impact.

6. I have a healthy divorce.

7. I’m SO imperfect.

8. My biggest fear, aside from death, is living a life of unfulfilled potential.

9. I graduated college at 40 years old. Yay, me! (BA in behavioral science)

10. Also attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

11. I have a Friends obsession.

12. Blah, blah, blah…

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