When cooking for one isn’t the problem

When cooking for one isn’t the problem

It’s Saturday night…breeze is perfect, wine is poured, Lionel Richie playing in the background,
and the smell of the dinner you just created makes. you. want. to. cry.

Ratatouille, take me to Frahnce… Please, suh. #frenchaccent

You set the table, and serve yourself an amount meant for two because, hey…veggies.

Pause for gratitude…

“thank you, universe, for this Instagram-worthy plate of beautiful veggies the farmers and earth
have graciously provided for me.”

You want to keep going and thank the higher powers at be for blessing you with life, and
those in it who make it better.

But, there it is…the pit in your stomach.

It’s the pit we call loneliness. Now, don’t me wrong…

Secure with being alone is much different than loneliness.

The empty chair across from you, staring into your eyes, is not what you hoped for while prancing
around with a ‘veil-like’ pillow case at your childhood damn slumber parties!!

“Why can’t I just meet someone nice?”, you think.

“NO! *flips hair back*. I’m fine. I’m a strong woman who provides for herself, cooks for herself,
and I do not need a man to complete me.”

“But, it would be nice to just…be with someone…to laugh with, and eat with. Someone who appreciates
this dish of veggies whose name I can’t even pronounce, MUCH LESS SPELL!!!!”

You see, my point is…

Cooking for one is easy.

Eating for one?…now that hurts.

Wipes tear from cheek.

The ratatouille is lonely. Eat up, girl. Cry later.

“Oh. My. Gawd. This is freaking delicious.”

This, of course, is a story about me.

Substitute the meal, the music, the inner voice rhetoric…
the story plays the same.

Strong, single woman who appreciates the value of being alone while remaining human and feeling the
emptiness that comes with being single.

It’s not an every day emptiness. Hell, I can’t even imagine having to share a bed again. HA!

You feel alone. You’re not alone.

Your time will come. For now, enjoy getting to know yourself so you are the best version of YOU when
he or she does come along.

Enjoy that dish meant for the most beautiful person you know.

You, baby.