Single girl’s kitchen: part 1…getting healthy alone

Single girl’s kitchen: part 1…getting healthy alone


And, wine. Ugh.

Speaking of wine…you’re ready to pause Sex and the City, put down that pint of Ben and Jerry’s you’ve been chasing with a wine back,
and get your butt into the kitchen?


You are not alone!!!

I’m right here with you. I’m single, and I am walking my talk.

Ok, where in the flippin’ universe do I start?

I changed my diet 17 years ago. Eating healthy is what I do best. It’s why I’m here.

Again…if you want to follow someone perfect with a perfect body, I’m not your girl. (She doesn’t exist anyway.)

I can help you eat better, higher quality food even though you are one person.

It is not hard. You don’t have to waste food, and you don’t have to resort to frozen pizza every night.

It takes a little effort, and a lot of commitment.

You can do this.

You wanna get your groove back – sorry for the lack of originality, Stelllllaaaaa.

So, let’s clear a couple things up…First, you never really lost your groove, it’s just hiding. Also…I’m silly, yes.
But, healthy food is the second most important thing in my life so I take it seriously. (kids are first. love them.)

I believe in having fun and not dieting. Mmmmkay?


Oh, and I love gif’s. No clue what it stands for but I love them. They’re fun. #sorrynotsorry

You need to make healthy stick.

I am here to give you ideas.

I’ve been divorced for fourteen years. I’ve dated here and there. Tried online dating, but didn’t give it a fair chance.

I don’t know. Dating is a whole nother topic.

FOOD!! Now that’s a topic I love.

Been cooking for one since my kids have flown the coup…about six years or so. pause for effect. wipe tears. 

I shop local when available, I make vegetables my main dish, and I aim for a no waste life.

I rarely throw food away. If something’s going bad, I figure out how to incorporate it into my meals that day.

YOU can get healthy with a simple mindset shift.

Before I digress – too late. ha – there’s something important you need to hear.

I’m dead serious.

No matter where you are with your health, your weight, your confidence…


How can I say this if I don’t know you, right? Let’s face it, if you’re a psychopath dog-kicking a-hole,
then, no, you’re not beautiful. haha!
But, I’m pretty sure you’re not those things. If you are, please contact me. I’ll reform you.

The point? Us women are too hard on ourselves.

I was insecure most of my life and I’m almost 50!! That’s a long time to be insecure.

I changed what needed to be changed; my bad decisions, my toxic relationships, my ‘I’m not worthy of love’ effing nonsense.

Jeesuz. Where do we get this thinking from?

From this day forward, tell yourself every day you are worthy of becoming the best version of you.

Phew, glad that’s out of the way. I get super emotional about this.



Buy some veggies. The freshest ones you can find. Preferably greens. Look for locally-grown. They taste amazing.
See this post.

And, get some berries, too. Stick to organic when you can. Berries tend to have more pesticides because of their soft flesh.
If you can’t find organic, get ’em anyway! My motto: better to eat non-organic than none at all.

If you can ‘t find local greens, go to the store and buy ‘free-range’ green; ones that aren’t in a box or bag. HAHAHA!
Free-range greens… I just made that up. At least I make myself laugh.

That’s your first step.

Most people would tell you to go buy an instant pot or make some soup and start freezing stuff.

Your choice. You do what you gotta do. I don’t have an instant pot so I can’t help with that.

Greens are the most powerful source of antioxidants so why not start with them?
Baby steps, yes, but, we on the fast track baby program.

Eat the good stuff, you’ll crave the bad stuff less.. 

Alright, get your butt to the store and then read this post.

You got this. Let’s have fun.

Single does not have to suck, sista.

xoxo, Susie.

Annnnnd, play.