Single girl: part 2…are you on the right track?

Single girl: part 2…are you on the right track?


It seems like such a long road, but you’re taking the fast track.

We are not dieting. We are changing our old habits.

Did you read part one of this series? Do it now. 

Did you buy your veggies?

Did you, for the love of all that’s holy in the world, tell yourself you’re beautiful today???

Stop. Do that now. And, then practice your reaction to all the stares you’ll be getting. #confidencebaby.

Hey, mistuh…take a pick-chuh.

Whyyyyy must I do that accent????? #icantstop

What am I talking about?

Positive affirmations along with healthy eating?

BOOM. #confidence. SIDENOTE: Positive affirmations alone aren’t going to do crap for you.

YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. Now. Not tomorrow. Now.

ok, blah blah blah.

Hopefully you pressed pause on SATC long enough to get yo’ butt to the market, farm, store…whatever works for YOU.

Remember…the point is to take the first step, incorporate the good, and weed out the bad. 

If you’re my age, ahem, *points yonder, pretends to see a bird*… antioxidants are at the top of the list.
Ya’ know, those ‘anti-agers.’

HA! Ant-aging. What a crock. Guess what?? I’m against aging, too, but it’s still gonna happen. 

Ah, to hell with it. See ya’ later.

K, I’m back.

I’m gonna be 50 this year. What. The….

It’s ok. I AM like a fine wine. And, so are you.


Got some greens? Make a salad. Oh, god, you knew I was going to say that.

Most mornings this week, I chopped some spinach, added fresh blueberries, strawberries, hemp seeds, and pine nuts.
Topped with olive oil, a drizzle honey (just a drizzle. Or, use pure maple syrup), added salt, and mixed it up.

That was breakfast. I do my best to add greens to every meal. No greens? I add some kind of green veggie.
And, good fats; olive oil, avocado, hemp seeds, etc. We can talk about that later.

Make a smoothie, if you prefer. Add your greens and a little water. Then add some  fruit. NOT TOO MUCH.
You want more veggies than fruit in your smoothie.

Make an egg and eat the greens mixture on the side with half an avocado. Or, an omelet.

Make a salad with a healthy dressing. (olive oil, mustard, honey, vinegar) is my go-to. Or, just lemon and olive oil and s&p. Delish.

You get my point, right?


Ok, talk soon. If you need more ideas, check out my Instagram page below.

xoxo, Susie