How to support farms and create lasting change

How to support farms and create lasting change


I’m SO happy you want to support your health while supporting your community. Win-win!!

Creating change in your world:

If you’re standing near me on my death bed, as I’m taking my last breath, I’ll probably mutter a reminder to eat your vegetables. Yes. I’m crazy. HA! Crazy passionate. #itsacompliment.

Eating produce will change your life. Eating locally-grown will change your world. 

But, why is fresh produce better?


As soon as produce is picked, it begins to lose nutritional value. The air, the temperature, the lights…these all damage the quality of the produce during transport. Thus, resulting in food that isn’t as fresh.


Speaking of fresh…take some time this week to compare local produce and supermarket produce. Taste the difference. Incredible, right? That’s all I have to say about that.


Many farms who don’t pay for the organic label use organic practices. Any farmer I’ve ever met ‘lives off their land.’ They feed their family the produce they grow. They take pride in their soil, pride in their work, and so much pride in feeding US. They don’t want to feed you garbage. Fewer chemicals on your food, less harm done to your body.

Do you need more evidence? Then, get going! Your body will tell you the difference. Do your best until you can do better.





Start with searching ‘farms near me.’ Uh, doi, Susie. Of course you knew that.

What did you find? Horse farms, nurseries, random ‘John Deere’ equipment store…etc.

Depending on where you live, you’ll have to weed through and you may find an actual produce farm.

Call them. Ask if they sell produce directly from the farm. If they don’t, ask if they sell at a local store
or farmer’s market.

Visit the farm.

Talk to the farmer. Get to know the people who grow your food.

I pinky promise, if you’ve never eaten locally-grown produce, once you do….oh lawd, you. are. welcome.

NOTHING tastes better than food from the earth. No. Thing.

Whoa, Nelly. *Pulls back*


IF you live in an area with zero farms in sight, search

You may find some smaller, obscure farms listed that you won’t find on google. 


Community supported agriculture. You can buy a share and some farms deliver to your house. Is it worth it?

You’re reading this. You’ve joined the cult. You’re ready. It’s worth it.

haha. cult. #neverloseyoursenseofhumor


Check out misfits market. They are a start-up that promotes and supports organic farms. You can purchase a

a box. They may deliver to your area.


What fills my soul with joy and pleasure more than a farm?

Farmer’s markets and the people who roam them…

the parents starting their kids young, the couple holding hands while sipping their locally-roasted coffee,
the single woman snacking on her organic sweeter-than-life strawberries. Me. That’s me. 

Are you sold yet?

I’m kidding. I’m not trying to sell you on this.

I’m inspiring you to step out of your ‘must go to the big box store’ mindset.

Which brings me to my next point…

‘Siri, where’s the closest natural foods store?’


I love fresh food, don’t you?

Such a freakin’ difference.


Deanne, the farmer. We had a great conversation while she was picking my produce. I love the passion when farmers share their wisdom.

Do your best.

Once you take that first step, you’ll take the second. I did it. You can, too.

This is how you support local farmers. This is how we create change for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

Thanks for reading.




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